What kind of window cleaning service do I get? Is it really worth it? Is what you're offering me really that special?

Reach and Wash

These are valid questions and we want you to be as convinced as we are that this method of window cleaning is not just a gimmick. Many window cleaners are looking at this system not just because of health and safety regulations but also due to its unique ability to keep windows cleaner.

We will come to your residential or commercial property equipped with pure water onboard our vehicle, there is no need for us to connect to your water supply. We can clean your windows every eight weeks and after the initial clean has been carried out you will notice the difference. This means less intrusion and ultimately less to pay for each clean.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the thorough nature of the system so if we clean and you do have concerns we will be happy to discuss these with you and remedy any problems. Feel free to pass our information on to friends and neighbours, perhaps through this website, so they too can benefit from pure water cleaning.

Benefits of window cleaning in Bristol